Fishing for Muskie In Lakes

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Because most bodies of water don’t hold a large population of muskie, it can be quite a challenge to catch a muskie.  The good muskie lakes may only have one muskie for every 5 to 10 acres of water, so don’t expect to go out and catch several muskie every time out.  On some days, catching 1 fish would be a great day.

In most muskie lakes, there will be a variety of shoreline cover mixed in with some deep water in main part of the lake.  Some of the bigger muskie prefer the deeper water, but you can also find muskie around shallow water cover.  Muskie will be found along steep drop-offs, near weed lines, around wood and roaming in open water.  Muskie prefer wood to other types of cover.  Areas that have large fallen trees along a steep-sloping shoreline provide some of the best opportunities for muskie fishermen.

Most hard-core muskie anglers will fish very early in the morning, in the evening and even at night.  The middle of the day doesn’t get as much attention, but muskie will definitely eat during the middle of the day even in the middle of the summer.  For the most part, you will find more muskie in deeper water during the middle of the day than in the shallows.  During low-light conditions, there will still be plenty of fish out in deeper water, but there are usually plenty of muskie looking for an easy meal around some type of shallow water cover.  Muskie, unlike pike, are very catchable at night.  Seeing a 40 to 50 inch muskie blow up on a topwater lure right next to your boat at night is one of the most exciting things you can experience when fishing in fresh water.

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