Fishing a Slack Tide for Redfish

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The slack tide, or dead tide, is usually one of the worst times to fish for most inshore fish and redfish are no exception.  Redfish tend to feed better with some water movement.  A falling tide or an incoming tide will often provide better fishing.  However, there are some inshore areas that do not have large tidal changes.  In these places, fish are not conditioned to feeding during the tidal changes like they are in other places that can change by as much as 6 feet because of the tides.  The areas that don’t have big tidal changes will still offer some good fishing during the slack tide.  If you are fishing in an area that moves quite a bit of water from the tidal changes (2 to 6 feet), the slack tide will usually lead to poor fishing.

During a slack tide, some anglers choose to move to the passes, bridges, jetties and river mouths.  Because these areas are more in the open, the wind can help move some water to position the fish.  The bite still may not be very good compared to how it is when the water is moving from the tides, but you may be able to put an extra fish or two in the boat by fishing these spots during the slack tide.


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