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St. Joseph lies on the shore of Lake Michigan at the mouth of the St. Joseph River, which is around 90 miles east-northeast of Chicago.  This is a very popular port for fishing with good numbers of salmon and trout being caught here throughout the fishing season.

St Joseph, MI Points Points Possible
Ability to catch a lot of fish 1.5 2
Ability to catch trophy fish 1.5 2
Good for multiple species of fish 1 1
Guides & Charters available 1 1
Scenic 1 1
Quality lodging options 1 1
Dining options 1 1
Businesses such as boat storage, rentals, repair, outfitters, etc. 1 1
Positive Score 9
Overly Crowded 0 Minus 1
Overly Expensive 0 Minus 1
Negative Score 0
Total Score 9
Highest Score Possible 10
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