Best Massachusetts Fishing Trips (Best Destinations)

Cape Cod     –     Rating 9.5

Cape Cod is an arm-shaped peninsula that shapes the easternmost portion of Massachusetts.   The Cape has 15 distinctive small towns along the beachfront that draws a lot of tourism during the summer months. There is plenty to do here with the arts & culture, quaint shops, fine dining, beaches, golf, boating and fishing.  The striped bass fishing is excellent off of the Cape and there are numerous fishing charters that operate out of the many towns that make up the Cape.  Fishing charters also target bluefish, shark and many other species of fish.

Gloucester, MA     –     Rating 9.0

Gloucester is a city located on Cape Ann in Essex County of Massachusetts.  It is a part of Boston’s north shore and it is a popular summer resort town.  The striped bass fishing is excellent here with many charters also fishing for cod, haddock, bluefish, shark and tuna.

Martha’s Vineyard, MA     –     Rating 8.5

Martha’s Vineyard is an island located just south of Cape Cod.  The island covers about 87 square miles and it is a very popular summer vacation destination.  Martha’s Vineyard is only accessible by boat and air, which makes it a very unique place to visit.  Fishing and boating is very popular off of Martha’s Vineyard and there are plenty of fishing charters that target striped bass, cod, haddock, bluefish, shark and tuna.

Nantucket, MA     –     Rating 8.5

Nantucket is an island 30 miles south of Cape Cod and just east of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.  Nantucket is a major tourist destination during the summer months.  There are plenty of places to stay to go along with plenty of activities to keep you busy.  Fishing and boating is extremely popular in Nantucket.  Fishing charters target striped bass, bluefish, tuna and other species here.

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