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The South Shore of Lake of the Woods is open water fishing.  It is an awesome area, but the winds can definitely blow here and the waves can making fishing difficult.  You will find bigger boats in this area the norm, however, when the waters are calm, smaller boats do fine here too.  This is a very popular walleye destination.

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Fishing Tips | Bait & Tackle | Fishing Guides | MarinasLodging

Fishing Tips

The South Shore Lake of the Woods is one of the most popular walleye destinations in the United States.  Anglers come here from all over and limits are the norm on the charters here from spring through fall.  Some anglers target northern pike and there are some very big northern pike in this area.  Plan on fishing offshore targeting the reefs and humps over deeper water.  This is big water fishing, so expect to be in bigger boats and don’t be shocked if you have to deal with some waves here.  Depending what part of the south shore you’re fishing, you may find some perch, smallmouth bass and muskie too, however, the walleye, sauger and northern pike are king on the south shore.  Take a look at our South Shore Fishing Tips page for more information.

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