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Sioux Narrows is an awesome vacation destination.  Located in between Nestor Falls and Kenora, you will definitely find some areas where you won’t see another boater.  However, you will still see some boats and people in this area.  It’s not nearly as popular as Kenora, but it gets fished quite a bit.  There is so much water to here that you can easily find a place all to yourself whether you are boating or fishing.

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Fishing Tips | Bait & Tackle | Fishing Guides | MarinasLodging

Fishing Tips

This area is known as an awesome smallmouth bass destination.  Around some of the vegetation, you may also find some nice largemouth bass here too.  The northern pike fishing is very good and many muskie anglers have success down here too.  The walleye fishing can be good, but depending on where you are staying here, you may be in for a little bit of a boat ride to find the better walleye fishing.  The water is clear in this area, so you may have to go with lighter line or use fluorocarbon to get more bites.  Take a look at our Sioux Narrows Fishing Tips page for more information.

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