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The Rainy River is a popular fishing river that runs along the border of the United States and Canada.  Anglers usually come here to fish for walleye, pike, smallmouth bass or sturgeon.

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Fishing Tips | Bait & Tackle | Fishing Guides | MarinasLodging

Fishing Tips

The Rainy River is 80 miles long and it connects Rainy Lake to Lake of the Woods.  Anglers catch walleyenorthern pikesmallmouth basssturgeon and muskie in the river.  The river is known for its excellent spring and fall walleye runs.  During these times of year, thousands of push move into the river and fishing gets very good.  Expect to see plenty of boats during the peak of the runs, but there are plenty of fish here to catch if you time it right.  The spring walleye run is known for 100 plus fish days among beginners and experts if you are here at the peak of the run.  Take a look at our Rainy River Fishing Tips page for more information.

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