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Lake Lanier is a popular reservoir located in the northern part of Georgia.  This lake is very popular for boating and fishing with millions of visitors that come here every year.  You will find plenty of hotels to go along with a couple of resorts along the lake.  Marinas are plentiful to help with your boating needs and there are plenty of places to fish in the lake.

Fishing Tips

Lake Lanier is known for its excellent bass fishery.  From largemouth bass to spotted bass and even striped bass, you have a lot of options here.  Depending on what lures you choose to fish with, you may end up catching all 3 species of fish on any given day here.  The bass fishing is what most people come here for, however, you can also catch some catfish, walleye, bluegill and panfish.  The panfish fishery can fluctuate from year to year depending on the spawns, but the catfish are pretty consistent for the anglers who choose to fish for them.  Walleye can be spotty here, but there are some walleye in the lake and some anglers do target them.  Take a look at our Lake Lanier fishing tips page for more fishing information.

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Lake Lanier Points Points Possible
Ability to catch a lot of fish 1.5 2
Ability to catch trophy fish 1.5 2
Good for multiple species of fish 1 1
Guides & Charters available 0.75 1
Scenic 1 1
Quality lodging options 1 1
Dining options 1 1
Businesses such as boat storage, rentals, repair, outfitters, etc. 1 1
Positive Score 8.75
Overly Crowded -0.5 Minus 1
Overly Expensive 0 Minus 1
Negative Score -0.5
Total Score 8.25
Highest Score Possible 10

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