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Green Lake is a very large, deep lake that covers 7,346 acres with 75% of the lake deeper than 20 feet and a maximum depth of 236 feet.  Green Lake is a beautiful town with a lot to offer the entire family.  Experience the shopping, dining, outdoor recreation, or just relax around the lake.  Green Lake is known for being a crowd-free, accessible lake.

Fishing Tips

The lake supports a healthy population of northern pike, smallmouth bass, trout, channel catfish and panfish.  Walleye and largemouth bass are also present.  Take a look at our Green Lake Fishing Tips page for more fishing information.

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Green Lake Points Points Possible
Ability to catch a lot of fish 0.75 2
Ability to catch trophy fish 1.25 2
Good for multiple species of fish .5 1
Guides & Charters 1 1
Scenic 1 1
Quality lodging options 1 1
Dining options 1 1
Area businesses relating to boat storage, rentals, repair, etc. 1 1
Positive Score 7.5
Overly Crowded 0 Minus 1
Overly Expensive 0 Minus 1
Negative Score 0
Total Score 7.5
Highest Score Possible 10

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