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Drummond Island | Fishing Tips | Ranking:  8.5 | Member Section
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Drummond Island is very unique island in the Upper Peninsula.  This island is home to one of the largest closed loop trail systems for off road – ATV / ORV exploration in the United States.  If you like the outdoors, you will find plenty to do around the island.  Combine that with some great food, excellent fishing and numerous places to stay and you can see why people enjoy coming to Drummon Island.  Anglers fish for salmon, trout, perch, northern pike, smallmouth bass, whitefish and other species of fish in the waters that surround Drummond Island.

Drummond Island Points Points Possible
Ability to catch a lot of fish 1.75 2
Ability to catch trophy fish 1.5 2
Good for multiple species of fish 1 1
Guides & Charters available 0.5 1
Scenic 1 1
Quality lodging options 1 1
Dining options 0.75 1
Businesses such as boat storage, rentals, repair, outfitters, etc. 1 1
Positive Score 8.5
Overly Crowded 0 Minus 1
Overly Expensive 0 Minus 1
Negative Score 0
Total Score 8.5
Highest Score Possible 10
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