Best Colorado Fishing Trips (Best Destinations)

Glenwood Springs
Rating 9.75

Glenwood Springs is a wonderful vacation destination for the outdoors enthusiast.  This town is located about 45 miles north of Aspen and 60 miles west of Vail.  Some of the best ski resorts in the country are located within 60 miles of Glenwood Springs.  From spring through fall, fly fishermen take advantage of the Gold Medal waters that flow through this town.  Two rivers, the Colorado River and Roaring Fork River, converge in Glenwood Springs.  The Frying Pan River and Gunnison River are close enough to plan a day trip to.

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Steamboat Springs
Rating 9.5

Steamboat Springs is one of the top ski destinations in the country.  There are many nice resorts here as well as many other types of lodging to go along with the nice restaurants and many shops.  Even though Steamboat Springs is known more as a winter vacation destination, there is plenty to do here in the summer also.  Fly fishing is excellent and there are quite a few fishing guides that can help you find some of the better fishing spots.  Fly shops are also available with all of the tackle you need and the local knowledge to help you catch more fish on your trip.  River rafting is also popular in the Steamboat Springs area.  The Stagecoach State Park is also worth visiting.  The state park features a 780 acre reservoir that you can fish.

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Rating 9.25

The city of Boulder is located in Boulder Valley where the Rocky Mountains meet up with the Great Plains.  To the west of Boulder, you can see slabs of sedimentary stone tilted up on the foothills and these are called Flatirons, which are a recognizable symbol of Boulder.  Many anglers come to Boulder, Colorado to experience the fly fishing in the nearby rivers.  Fishing guides are available in Boulder to help you enjoy your trip.  If you are up for an adventure, river rafting is also popular in this town.

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Rating 9.25

Gunnison is a small town that offers a variety of recreational opportunities.  It is known for its exceptional trout fishing in the Gunnison River, which runs right through the town.  You also have the option of fishing Blue Mesa Reservoir.  There is plenty of other things to do here such as river rafting, boating, horseback riding, camping and hunting.  You may also want to check out the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.

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Winter Park – Frasier Valley
Rating 9.25

The Winter Park – Frasier Valley area is located about 70 miles northwest of Denver, Colorado.  This area is known for its skiing, but there is plenty to do here in the summer as well.  Fly fishing is a popular summer activity in this region.  You will be able to find fly shops and fishing guides to help you have a more successful trip on the area waters.  Head north about 30 miles and you will have access to Lake Granby through the Beacon Landing Marina where you can have fun boating and fishing.  Whitewater rafting is also available in the Winter Park – Frasier Valley area.

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Buena Vista
Rating 9.0

Buena Vista is a small town located at the foot of the Rocky Mountain’s Collegiate Peaks in Colorado.  It’s a fairly quiet town that enjoys its outdoor recreation.  White-water rafting is very popular and people also enjoy backpacking, mountain mountain biking, backpacking, sight seeing and fishing.  Fly fishing is also popular in Buena Vista and there are fishing guides available to help you find some of the best trout fishing spots in the area.

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Colorado Springs
Rating 9.0

The City of Colorado Springs is the most populated city in El Paso County and the second most populated city in Colorado.  Tourism is very popular here because of all the modern conveniences of a big city and its location next to the Rocky Mountains.  With the mountains nearby, this area is a great place to enjoy the scenery of all the rock formations.  The fishermen enjoy Colorado Springs because of the nearby rivers that provide excellent fly fishing opportunities for trout.  Fishing guides operate out of Colorado Springs and they can help you find some excellent trout fishing in the area rivers.

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Rating 9.0

Durango, Colorado is a small town nestled in the Animas River Valley and it is surrounded by the San Juan Mountains.  This town is a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts.  There are so many outdoor activities available here such as fishing, whitewater rafting, kayaking and canoeing, hiking, mountain biking, backpacking, rock climbing and hunting.  Fly fishing is very popular in the Gold Medal waters nearby.  There are plenty of fishing guides in the area that specialize in fly fishing for trout.

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Estes Park
Rating 9.0

Estes Park is a small town located at the confluence of two rivers (Big Thompson and Fall River) that flow from Rock Mountain National Park.  Many fly fishermen target trout in the rivers, but you also have the option of fishing Lake Estes and Mary’s Lake.  People enjoy boating and fishing on the lakes.  Boat rentals and fishing guide services are available as well.

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Rating 8.75

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Fort Collins
Rating 8.75

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Rating 8.5

Aspen is known as one of the premier ski destinations in the United States.  This town is extremely popular among tourists during the winter.  The summer can be a lot of fun here as well.  You will find plenty of resorts, restaurants and shopping.  Most fishermen do not think of Aspen as a fly fishing destination, but there is some good fly fishing here and in the nearby towns.  Fly fishing guides are available and they can help you experience some of the excellent trout fishing that Colorado is known for.

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