Alabama’s Best Fishing Trips (Best Destinations)

Orange Beach & Gulf Shores
Rating 9.5

This is an awesome beach vacation destination and the fishing can be very good here too. The late spring and fall bring a lot of migratory fish through this area.  Resident fish are here year round too, so there is always something to fish for.  Redfish, sea trout, snapper and grouper are popular fish in this area, but there are so many other fish you can catch too.

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Pickwick & Wilson Lakes
Rating 9.25

These lakes are some of the better bass lakes to fish in the country.  You can target largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, striped bass, crappie, catfish and other species of fish too.  There aren’t many places in the entire country that give you the chance to catch big fish of this many different species of fish.  It is one of the best smallmouth bass lakes in the country.

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Guntersville Lake
Rating 8.5

Guntersville is home to some of the best frog fishing in the country.  Target largemouth bass all over the lake with a variety of different methods.  This is a popular tournament lake, so there’s a good chance you’ve heard about this lake if you pay attention to the bass fishing tournament circuits.  There are other species of fish to target here too, but largemouth bass get most of the attention.

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