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Eagle River, Wisconsin is one of my favorite fishing destinations in the U.S.  If I could be in Canada, I would prefer that, however, Canada is a lot farther than Eagle River.  I like to target smallmouth bass and walleye when I am here, but I have guided and caught the following in this area:  Muskie, Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Panfish.

If You Don’t Have Access to a Boat
If you don’t have access to your own boat, I would hire us to fish for what you want to fish for and let’s fish the best possible body of water for that.

If You Do Have Access to a Boat & You are Going to be Here for Several Days
If you plan on being here for a few days or plan to visit this area again in the future, you should want to learn the area.  You may want to do multiple days or at least a full day guided fishing trip to learn this area.  I would recommend fishing multiple lakes or a popular chain of lakes for a half day, then maybe another lake for the other half.  We can run spot to spot and teach you as much about the area as possible, so you can have a better trip once you are on your own again.

Bass Fishing Can Be Very Good
They call it fishing and not catching, but we usually have way more catching days here when targeting bass.  We recommend fishing for smallmouth bass, but some lakes give you better largemouth bass and on some, you can catch both species of fish.

Walleye Can Be Hit or Miss
Some anglers do great here for walleye, but they put a lot of work in.  The Eagle River Chain has a lot of walleye in it, but it isn’t always easy fishing.  In the summer, the weed lines are usually king here.  A jig and crawler or jig and leech will usually help you find some hungry walleye with some smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and panfish mixed in.  Switch over to minnows and you’ll catch some crappie too if you’re using fathead minnows.  Go with some bigger minnows and you’ll probably catch some pike too.

Muskie Can Be Good Too
This area has a lot of action lakes for muskie with some big fish mixed in too.  If you’re just trying to catch a muskie, there are several lakes that are worth fishing here.  Some of those lakes give you a better chance at catching other species of fish while targeting muskie.  You need to figure out if you want to chase muskie only or have the option to back off the muskie and fish for something that will bite more easily.  Going from muskie to bass or muskie to walleye can depend on the lake, so figure out if you need a backup plan or if you are all in on chasing muskie for the day.

Northern Pike
You can catch plenty of pike here, but I wouldn’t specifically come here for a pike fishing trip.  There are better destinations out there, but if you want to catch some pike while also catching other species of fish, there are some lakes in the area that will help you do that.

There are plenty of lakes with decent panfish in this area.  Crappie can be very good on some lakes.  Perch can be hit or miss on most lakes that have them.  Bluegill will usually run smaller with some quality fish mixed in on the better lakes.

Types of Trips

Bass Boat – 2 Adults & 1 Kid Maximum or 1 Adult & 2 Kids Maximum

Pontoon Boat – The Pontoon Boat can seat several, but we are limiting these trip to no more than 4 people to make sure everyone has enough space to cast a line and enjoy their time on the water.

Row Boats – There are so many smaller lakes up here with drop in access only and these lakes can have some awesome fishing in them.  You may not catch the trophy fish in these lakes, but there are a lot of high numbers lakes with some beautiful scenery, so if you want an adventure, we can drop in on some of these lakes.  These boats will have 9.9 hp motors on them and a trolling motor to make navigating these lakes easier.


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