Drop Shot Rig Tips

Fishing Rigs

The drop shot rig is a very popular rig for a variety of fishing situations.  Whether you are fishing deep, shallow, around cover, with live baitsoft plastics, for basspanfish or huge saltwater fish, the drop shot rig will work in most situations.  The main line is tied to the hook and you want to leave some extra line after you tie the knot so you can tie that line to the sinker.  If you want to keep your bait 1 foot off the bottom, make sure to leave a little over 12 inches of extra line from when you tie the hook to the line.  This way, you’ll have about 12 inches of line left over to tie to the sinker.

Best Baits on a Drop Shot Rig

Some of the best are finesse worms and soft plastic minnow baits, however, many soft plastics can look good on a drop shot rig.


Skirted Twin Tail Grubs

Lizards & Creatures

Creature Baits



Soft Plastic Leeches


Soft Plastic Minnows

Crayfish Baits

Crayfish Baits



Curly Tail Worms

Finesse Worms

Floating Worms

Fork Tail Worms

Paddle Tail Worms


Wacky Worms

Live or Natural Baits

You can use any live or natural bait on a drop shot rig.  Take a look at our fishing with live bait section to learn more about these baits.


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