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Door County offers some excellent northern pike fishing, although, pike fishing is often overlooked in Door County because of the excellent fishing for smallmouth bass, walleye, salmon and trout.  For those of you that are looking to catch some pike, Door County has plenty of them and trophy pike up to 20 pounds are not unheard of here.

Most of the good northern pike fishing reports come from the Green Bay side, however, there are plenty of pike caught in the northern part of Door County on the Lake Michigan side.  The peak months for northern pike are May, June, September and October.  During these months you can find these fish a little shallower chasing bait fish, gobies and whatever else gets in its way.

Some of the hot spots are Sturgeon Bay, Detroit Harbor, Rowleys Bay and the Mink River.

Some of the popular methods for targeting northern pike in Door County are by trolling spoons, big crankbaits and spinner harnesses rigged with suckers.  You can also catch plenty of pike by casting spoons, crankbaits, jigs, spinnerbaits, jerkbaits and other popular northern pike lures.  The live bait anglers will jig suckers along the drop-offs for huge northern pike.

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