Dock Fishing for Snook

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Snook can often be found under the docks.  Fishing for snook around the docks is very similar to freshwater bass fishing, except snook can grow much larger.  Snook will use the docks during the day for cover and shade.  Docked boats, mangroves, sea walls and rocks add to the appeal of the docks and will often hold more snook.

Because snook feed heavily at night, the lighted docks offer some of the best fishing opportunities.  Some canals have several docks that are well lit and you can usually find several snook feeding on bait fish in the lights.  When fishing the lighted docks, make sure you are courteous to the owners.  If you are making a lot of noise or banging up against their dock, there is a good chance that those lights will be off the next time you try to fish them.  Live baits and artificial lures work well for snook at night.  Shrimp, finger mullet, pinfish, pilchards, topwater lures, artificial flies, jigs and swimbaits will all entice snook to bite at night.


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