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Fishing the docks is an easy way to catch crappie during the spring.  Crappie will move into the shallows to get ready to spawn and they will hold tight to the wood along the docks.  The docks don’t hold nearly as many fish during the summer and fall, but you can find some crappie along the docks most of the year.  The bigger crappie move into deeper water during the summer and fall.

When the crappie are under the docks, keep it simple with your rigs.  Most anglers use small jigs under a bobber.  When the bite is finicky, go ahead and tip these jigs with live minnows.  Live minnows fished on a single hook will also work well along the docks.  Use a drop-shot rig, a single split shot rig or a bobber and you’ll catch plenty of crappie.

Dock Fishing Tips

Use a Bobber

A simple bobber and minnow or bobber and your favorite jig is really all you need.  Cast it out and work your bait along the docks.  If the crappie are there, you will know fairly quick.

Drop Shot Rigs are Tough to Beat

A drop shot rig and lively minnow is a great way to fish the docks.  Leave about a foot to 18 inches of line between the hook and the weight because crappie are known for feeding higher up in the water column.  This will make it easier for them to eat your bait.

Swim Soft Plastics

Swimming soft plastics through the water column is a very effective way to fish next to the docks.  Vary the depths you are fishing and you should be able to find some nice fish this way.



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