The bays provide excellent fishing in the spring and sometimes in the fall too when the bait fish move back into the shallows as the water temperatures cool.  Find the wood, rocks and weeds to find these fish.  On some lakes, it will just be one main source of cover and on bigger lakes, you may find wood, weeds and rocks, which gives anglers a lot of options.

The Spring Spawn

On many lakes, crappie will move into the bays to spawn in large numbers.  The bays that warm up fast with hard bottoms will usually hold some crappie.  Mix in some weeds or wood and you have an even better chance to find more crappie.

Deeper Bays Hold Crappie From Summer Through Fall

If you can find some bays that have some depth, there is a good chance you can find some crappie along the deeper weed edges or out in open water not too far from the drop-offs.  On many lakes, crappie will move out onto the main lake and stay there from summer through winter.  However, if the bays have deep enough water and some vegetation there, you can usually still find some crappie here as they look for schools of bait fish in deeper water.

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