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Use Natural Colors

Natural-colored baits appear more realistic in clear water.  Stay with natural colors that closely resemble what the stripers are actually eating and you will get more bites.

On Sunny Days, Fish Deeper

On sunny days, bass will usually be found much deeper.  In the spring, when water temperatures are cold, a warm, sunny day may bring some fish in the shallows.  For the most part though, in clear water on sunny days, plan on fishing deeper if you want to have more success.  Finding these fish 30 to 40 feet deep is not unusual in clear, deep water lakes.

Fish Lowlight Conditions

Striped bass will often feed more heavily early in the morning or just before dark.  These are also the times of day when you will most likely see schooling bass feeding on shad at the surface.  Fish during these peak conditions and you will catch more stripers.

Fluorocarbon Line Helps Tremendously

One of the biggest adjustments you can make when fishing clear water is to use lighter line, but you don’t want to go that light when fishing for monster striped bass.  Going with fluorocarbon line is essential to getting more bites when the water is super clear.

Live Bait Can Help

Don’t rule out live bait either when fishing gets really tough.  Some of the best striper guides fish almost exclusively with live bait.  Catching your own shad and using them as live bait can be the difference in catching fish or not on some days.


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