Fishing for Muskie After A Cold Front

line-3< Muskie Fishing

During even a mild cold front, muskie fishing can become more challenging.  After a severe cold front, you may be better off taking the day off from fishing.  If you are determined to catch muskie after a cold front, slow down, fish deeper and downsize your lures.  Some of the prime spots to fish after a cold front are deep weeds and in open water off of the deep drop-offs.  Muskie will often suspend over deeper water after a cold front.

Some muskie anglers like to have a bait rod set up with a big sucker or chub when fishing after a cold front.  You can drag it off the back of the boat while you are casting a lure to increase your chances of getting bit and you can also have a bait rod ready for when you get a follow up close to the boat.  Following a cold front, you may get more bites by throwing a sucker line out immediately after a follow-up instead of trying the figure 8.

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