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If you like to fish, it’s hard to find a place to fish that doesn’t have carp.  These fish seem to thrive in a variety of different lakes, reservoirs, rivers, streams and ponds. 

Fishing Rigs

You don’t need to get real fancy when fishing for carp.  You can use a lot of different rigs for targeting carp, but you really only need a few.  Take a look at our carp fishing rigs section to learn more.

Live & Natural Baits

Carp do eat a variety of baits such as corn, dough baits, nightcrawlers, cheese, spawn sac and more.  Take a look at our live & natural baits for carp section to learn more about what to use and how to use it to catch more carp.

Rod & Reel Recommendations

Depending on the size of the carp you will be targeting, your gear can range from medium action to very heavy action.  It all depends on the area you are fishing and the size of carp that are in that area.  Learn more on our rod & reel recommendations for carp page.

Fishing Line Recommendations

Just like above, there are several factors on whether you will be fishing with lighter line or heavier line.  Learn more on our fishing line recommendations for carp page.

Eating Carp

Carp are thought highly of in Europe, but they definitely have not caught on in the U.S.  Most fishermen in the United States think of carp as a trash fish and they wouldn’t even consider eating them.  For those people that have actually tried eating carp, they usually agree that they don’t taste very good.


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