Fishing with Bull Minnows as Bait

Fishing with Live Bait & Natural Baits

Bull Minnows are fairly small, often the size of a finger, but they are extremely tough and resilient.  These fish can survive low oxygen, hot & cold temperatures and they can be kept alive fairly easy in anglers’ minnow buckets.  While bull minnows will catch a variety of saltwater fish, flounder are by far the most targeted fish that anglers target with bull minnows.

How to Catch Bull Minnows

People will usually use a minnow trap to catch bull minnows.  Bait the traps with some cut bait and put them on the bottom in the backwater areas.  Come back several hours later or the next day and if there are bull minnows in that area, you should have some bait in your trap.

Using Bull Minnows as Bait

Bull minnows are great baits on just about any live bait rig.  Bottom rigs and a single jighead are probably the most common way to fish them.  They are an awesome bait for flounder, so anglers usually fish bull minnows on the bottom.

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