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The bridges provide some of the best snook fishing opportunities at night.  Snook feed better at night and many of the bridges that you can fish are well lit.  The lighted bridges are great because the light attracts bait fish, which will then attract snook and other types of game fish.  The bridges also cast a shadow line, which provide some great ambush points for snook at night.

Anglers can fish the bridges from the bridge or from a boat.  While most anglers would prefer to fish from a boat the majority of the time in most fishing situations, this isn’t always the case when targeting snook at night near the bridges.  Shore anglers have the advantage of being able to keep their baits in the shadow lines longer with a much quieter presentation.  You can slowly drop your bait down into the water from above with very little disturbance.  From the boat, you either need to move under the bridge to fish it vertically or cast under the bridge from farther out.  Whatever method you choose, fishing from on top of the bridge is definitely a stealthier approach.  However, one of the big advantages of the boat is that you can cover much more water and move spots very quickly.  You can fish the bridges both ways and have a lot of success fishing for snook.

Most anglers that fish at night prefer to fish with live baits just off of the bottom.  Jumbo shrimp, pilchards, mullet and pinfish are some of the best live baits to use for snook.  Some of the popular lures to use are topwater plugs, jigs, soft plastics and crankbaits.


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