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Branson is one of my favorite fishing destinations.  You have so many options here, it is just awesome.  You can catch trout in Lake Taneycomo or many other species of fish on Table Rock Lake.  Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, spotted bass, crappie, catfish and more are possible here.  There are a lot of fish to be caught whether in Lake Taneycomo or on Table Rock Lake.

Boat or No Boat
If you have access to a boat, you’re probably going to want to learn Table Rock Lake.  Most anglers that know how to fish and have access to a boat can usually learn Lake Taneycomo fairly quick and will have some success catching plenty of rainbow trout.  This is an action lake, so most people that will hire a guide for Taneycomo will usually do so to pick up some additional tips, but most likely, it is because they don’t have a boat with them on their vacation.

Trout or Bass?  That is the dilemma here.  Depending on your budget and what you want to do, you may not be able to do everything here.  Whether you choose Taneycomo or Table Rock Lake, there are plenty of fish to catch, so you should be able to have some fun catching fish on your vacation.

Table Rock Lake is Huge
If you have a boat down here, we can plan a trip to help you learn this body of water quicker.  Just make sure you let us know that you’re looking to learn the lake and we’ll hit way more spots for you on your trip.  If you’re just looking to catch fish, we probably won’t leave fish to find fish, so you may not fish as many spots once we find active fish.

Plan on Fishing for Bass
You can expect to catch largemouth bass, spotted bass, smallmouth bass and maybe even some white bass too.  This is an action lake.  It’s not known much for trophy fish, although, some big fish can be caught here.  There are just so many bass in this lake.  On a good day, you can expect to catch a lot of bass with plenty of keeper-sized fish as well.

Other Species
Depending on what we are using for bait, you may end up catching crappie, catfish, sunfish or even a walleye as well.  Bass are the primary species we are targeting, but you can catch so many species of fish here.

Types of Trips

Bass Boat – 2 Adults & 1 Kid Maximum or 1 Adult & 2 Kids Maximum

Pontoon Boat – The Pontoon Boat can seat several, but we are limiting these trip to no more than 4 people to make sure everyone has enough space to cast a line and enjoy their time on the water.


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