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Brainerd is one of my favorite places to fish.  It’s an awesome vacation destination for families and you have a lot of options when fishing here.  Walleye, northern pike, bass, muskie and panfish are all here.  There are so many lakes to fish and not enough time.  You should be able to catch plenty of fish here.

If You Don’t Have Access to a Boat
If you don’t have access to your own boat, I would hire us to fish for what you want to fish for and let’s fish the best possible body of water for that.

If You Do Have Access to a Boat & You are Going to be Here for Several Days
If you plan on being here for a few days or plan to visit this area again in the future, you should want to learn the area.  You may want to do multiple days or at least a full day guided fishing trip to learn this area.  I would recommend fishing multiple lakes or a specific lake that you really want to learn.  If you’re trying to learn more about the area, make sure to let us know and we can coordinate a trip that works for you.  If you’re just here to catch fish, we most likely aren’t going to leave active fish to find fish.

We can lake hop also.  Fish one lake to start and then we can bounce to another lake that you’re interested in learning more about.

Bass Fishing Can Be Very Good
There are some very good largemouth bass lakes in this area.  You can go after numbers and size here.  This area is an excellent bass fishing destination.

Walleye Fishing is Good
If you want to target walleye here, you totally can.  Catch a few for the frying pan and then switch over to other species of fish or just keep on catching them for fun.

Northern Pike
If you want to catch pike here, we can make that happen.  Fish a good walleye lake that has pike and we will probably go with larger minnows as bait so you can catch some pike too.  If you want to cast lures, we will take you to a lake that has good pike fishing and largemouth bass fishing.  Cast lures along the weed lines and you will have plenty of action.

Muskie Can Be Good Too
There are some muskie lakes in the area if you want to target muskie.  Big fish can be caught here if you are interested in putting in a day of hard work fishing for these fish.

There are some good panfish lakes in the area.  The better lakes for panfish can fluctuate based on the year.  On many lakes, you can target crappie with fathead minnows and still catch bass, walleye and other fish too.  If you want to use worms, you can stay busy all day.

Types of Trips

Bass Boat – 2 Adults & 1 Kid Maximum or 1 Adult & 2 Kids Maximum

Pontoon Boat – The Pontoon Boat can seat several, but we are limiting these trip to no more than 4 people to make sure everyone has enough space to cast a line and enjoy their time on the water.

Row Boats – There are so many smaller lakes up here with drop in access only and these lakes can have some awesome fishing in them.  You may not catch the trophy fish in these lakes, but there are a lot of high numbers lakes with some beautiful scenery, so if you want an adventure, we can drop in on some of these lakes.  These boats will have 9.9 hp motors on them and a trolling motor to make navigating these lakes easier.


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