North Fork & Middle Fork of the Boise River

North Fork

While fish populations in the North Fork Boise River are not as high as more popular fisheries, the North Fork has its advantages and is worth the effort.

It remains a less-crowded option for anglers, who can drive, fly or hike into the different sections depending on road access. The upper section is typically hike or fly-in, and the middle section has a roaded section where car-camping and road-side fishing are options. The bottom stretch is a roadless canyon where people can hike or float to access the secluded waters. All offer consistent fish populations, and the levels of solitude and scenery make the effort worthwhile.

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Middle Fork

This is a popular mountain river where anglers target a variety of salmonids within the mainstem and tributaries. Redband, bull trout, and whitefish are prized native sportfishes and may be caught readily. In addition, nonnative brook and cutthroat trout may be caught at times. This is a cold, relatively sterile river. Growth rates and maximum sizes are on the lower end of the spectrum, but catch rates can more than make up for it.

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