Fishing with Blue Crabs as Bait

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The blue crab is a great bait for a variety of saltwater game fish.  Redfish, black drum and tarpon are just a few fish that will enjoy eating a blue crab.  You can find blue crabs inshore and offshore.

How to Catch Blue Crabs

Anglers that use crabs for bait will typically try to catch them in the bays, creeks, canals, and marshes.  Dip nets, hand lines and crab traps are all popular for catching crabs.  Some of the best baits to use for crabs are cut bait, chicken and turkey.

Using Blue Crabs as Bait

Rig them on a weightless rig or your favorite bottom rig.  You can fish them whole alive and dead or break it into pieces as cut bait.  Most anglers will use the entire crab alive for bigger fish, so make sure you use heavy enough gear and a large enough hook.

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