The Area Waters

Yellowstone River

This is the hometown river for Billings.  The shore access is good, the fishing is solid.  Anglers come here to target a variety of fish.  The upper half of the river provides good fishing for cutthroat trout, rainbow trout, brown trout and whitefish.  The lower half of the river (below Billings) fishes a little differently.  This part of the river is primarily a warm water fishery which consists of walleye, catfish and sturgeon.

Area Lakes

This area is home to a variety of smaller lakes that people bring the families to for some outdoor recreation.  Anglers catch trout and just enjoy the scenery in these lakes.

West Rosebud Lake is the trailhead for a lot of awesome hiking in the Beartooths and the fishing can also be solid.  Enjoy the beautiful scenery and excellent fishing for a variety of trout.

Wild Bill Lake offers some action for younger anglers.  It has a pathway that goes around the lake and they stock the lake with brook trout.  It gets plenty of fishing pressure so don’t plan on catching anything big.  That would be a bonus on this lake.  Enjoy the action.  This is a good lake for taking the kids and getting them introduced to trout fishing.

Greenough Lake has its lake access point about a quarter mile from the lake.  This may deter some people from coming here, however, you’re still going to find plenty of people here enjoying the lake.  The campground helps keep this place busy on the weekends too.  Anglers target trout here.  It’s a good spot for some action and for getting the kids involved.

Bighorn River

The Bighorn River is an awesome river for fishing.  It is located about 90 miles east of Billings.  It is a gentle cool, clear water river.  There are guides that operate out of Billings who will make the trip to the Bighorn River with their clients.  You may want to spend a day or more fishing this river.  It is known as an excellent brown trout fishery with some very big fish here too.  Rainbow trout are also available here and big rainbows are here too.  It’s an exceptional fishery for targeting large trout while river fishing.

Rock Creek

Rock Creek is a good fishery and the guides that fish this stretch of water will usually do so on float trips.  The scenery is gorgeous and the fishing can be very good too.  Anglers target cutthroat trout, rainbow trout, brown trout, bull trout and brook trout.  It’s more of an action fishery with some big fish mixed in.

Stillwater River

Don’t let its name fool you.  The Stillwater River is anything but still.  It has a lot of whitewater, rocks, large drops and lots of current.  The river is very scenic and provides for an exciting adventure on the water.  In these waters, rainbow trout, brown trout and cutthroat trout are here.  Good numbers of fish are available with some big fish too.