Best Out West Fishing Trips

Best of the Best Out West

Alaska     –     Rating 10.0

Alaska is home to some of the most unbelievable fishing you will ever experience.  From salmon to trout to halibut to huge northern pike, there are so many options here.  We have Alaska organized into several destinations and they are all awesome.  If you plan to go to Alaska, check out our Alaska section to plan for a trip of a lifetime.

Kenai Peninsula | Prince William Sound | South Central Alaska | Southeast Alaska | Southwest Alaska

Hawaii     –     Rating 10.0

We rated all the islands of Hawaii a 10.0.  This is truly a unique vacation destination and an awesome fishery.  The fishing isn’t off the charters all year long, however, the fishing here can be spectacular, especially during the better fishing season.  It is a unique destination.  To enjoy the awesome fishing here, you will need to hire a fishing charter.  Do your research to find the right one and you can experience the trip of a lifetime here.

Bend, OR     –     Rating 10.0

Bend, Oregon was ranked #8 out of the 20 best fishing towns in America by Field and Stream in 2008.  Bend is central Oregon’s largest city and it is now known as a gateway for many outdoor activities such as camping, rock climbing, white-water rafting, mountain biking, hiking and fishing.  Most anglers fish the Deschutes River for rainbow trout, brown trout, steelhead and even smallmouth bass.

Jackson Hole, WY     –     Rating 10.0

Jackson Hole is a valley located in the state of Wyoming.  This valley is a major year-round tourist destination with ski resorts, the Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Lake and the Snake River.  The town of Jackson Hole is located at the southern end of this valley.  The area rivers, streams and lakes provide summer recreational activities such as fishing, boating, river rafting and more.  The area rivers and streams provide some excellent fly fishing opportunities for trout and Jackson Lake has some very good fishing for lake trout and you catch other species such as cutthroat trout, brook trout and brown trout.

Big Fork, MT     –     Rating 9.75

Bigfork, Montana is located at an altitude of 2,900 feet in the mountains of northwest Montana.  The town is located on the shores of Flathead Lake where the Swan River flows into the lake.  Flathead Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi and the lake draws visitors that enjoy fishing, boating and other forms of water recreation. Bigfork is one of the most popular places to visit in Montana.  You will find plenty of accommodations here as well as fishing guides.

Devils Lake     –     Rating 9.75

Devils Lake is the largest natural body of water in North Dakota.  It is the premier vacation destination in the state.  You can find some of the finest fishing and hunting here, which will keep you busy for all 4 seasons of the year.  The lake is about 122,000 acres and most of it is not developed.  Fishing is excellent for a number of species.  Walleye, perch, northern pike, and white bass are caught in Devils Lake.  Being a relatively shallow lake with excellent populations of forage, large fish are produced quickly in Devils Lake.  Many pike over 10 pounds are caught every year.  Walleye in the 6 to 8 pound class are common as well as some jumbo yellow perch.  Most people target the pike, perch and walleye, but don’t forget about the white bass.  There are lots of them and many white bass are caught over 3 pounds here.

Glenwood Springs, CO     –     Rating 9.75

Glenwood Springs is a wonderful vacation destination for the outdoors enthusiast.  This town is located about 45 miles north of Aspen and 60 miles west of Vail.  Some of the best ski resorts in the country are located within 60 miles of Glenwood Springs.  From spring through fall, fly fishermen take advantage of the Gold Medal waters that flow through this town.  Two rivers, the Colorado River and Roaring Fork River, converge in Glenwood Springs.  The Frying Pan River and Gunnison River are close enough to plan a day trip to.

Helena, MT     –     Rating 9.75

Helena is the capital of Montana and the county seat for Lewis and Clark County.  This city is very unique in that it has a nice blend of the past and the present.  You will be able to find plenty of hotels and other accommodations in Helena.  This city is surrounded by pristine forests and there are plenty of places to experience the great outdoors.  Boating and fishing are popular on Holter Lake, Hauser Lake, Canyon Ferry Lake and Spring Meadow Lake.  There are also numerous trout streams in the area.

Lake Pend Oreille     –     Rating 9.75

Lake Pend Oreille is a popular lake to visit in northern Idaho.  The lake is 65 miles long and as deep as 1,150 feet in some spots.  Lake Pend Oreille is surrounded by quite a few small towns and national forests.  Some of the more popular towns on this lake are Sandpoint, Bayview and Hope.  This is an excellent lake for fishing and the highest rated Idaho fishing destination by us.  This is a special lake with so many different types of fish, trophy fish and the ability to catch good numbers of fish too.

Missoula,MT     –     Rating 9.75

Missoula is a good-sized city and one of the largest in all of Montana.  Missoula is home to the University of Montana.  This area is a popular tourist destination, especially among fly fishermen.  Missoula is located in a deep valley near the Clark Fork River, the Bitterroot River and the Blackfoot River, which gives fly fishermen a lot of options during their trip to this area.  There are plenty of hotels, restaurants and shopping to go along with numerous fishing guides and outfitters to help you catch that fish of a lifetime.

Whitefish, MT     –     Rating 9.75

Whitefish, Montana is a very popular vacation destination.  It is probably known more as a winter vacation destination because of the skiing, but there is so much to do here during the summers as well.  The town is tucked against Big Mountain and the peaks of Glacier National Park.  There are plenty of accommodations from hotels, motels, resorts and even vacation home rentals.  You will also find plenty of shops and restaurants also.  Whitefish Lake is very popular and it’s a good place to fish for rainbow trout, northern pike, whitefish and lake trout.  There are also plenty of rivers and streams nearby that hold trout.

Pinedale, WY     –     Rating 9.5

Pinedale is a small town in Sublette County.  This town is popular among fishermen and hunters and it is a gateway to the Wind River Mountains.  Trout fishing is popular in the area lakes, rivers and streams and there are plenty of fishing guides to help you find the best fishing spots.

Steamboat Springs, CO     –     Rating 9.5

Steamboat Springs is one of the top ski destinations in the country.  There are many nice resorts here as well as many other types of lodging to go along with the nice restaurants and many shops.  Even though Steamboat Springs is known more as a winter vacation destination, there is plenty to do here in the summer also.  Fly fishing is excellent and there are quite a few fishing guides that can help you find some of the better fishing spots.  Fly shops are also available with all of the tackle you need and the local knowledge to help you catch more fish on your trip.  River rafting is also popular in the Steamboat Springs area.  The Stagecoach State Park is also worth visiting.  The state park features a 780 acre reservoir that you can fish.

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