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Fish Vertical

Fishing vertical is key to consistently catching walleye.  It’s the most effective way to fish deeper water and keep your baits in the strike zone longer.  It also helps you feel those super sensitive bites.


Trolling can be very effective.  It’s one of the best ways to find active schools of walleye.  It’s also another good way to cover more water and present your baits in front of as many big fish as possible.

Use Live Bait

Spinner Rigs are Awesome

It’s tough to beat a spinner rig.  Cast them or troll them.  Both ways are effective.

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Soft Plastics Work Great

Soft plastics won’t allows out fish live bait, but they definitely can in the right situation.  Whether you are using curly tail grubs, ringworms or other soft plastics, they definitely work.

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