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Cast to Cover Tons of Water

You have to cover a lot of water when muskie fishing because these fish aren’t nearly as abundant as other species of fish.  Plan on using heavy baitcasting gear to cast heavy lures over and over and over.  If you are serious about casting for muskie, it’s going to be a workout.  You’ve been warned!  For many muskie anglers, they will cast hard for them for a couple hours, maybe more or less and then they will fish for other species of fish to take a break.  Some will troll to take a break.  You may feel like you have had a workout after a day of casting for muskie and this is when you don’t get a bite.  Mix in a couple fish and you will most likely be tired.

Troll to Cover Tons of Water

Trolling is the easiest way to cover water for muskie and it can be very effective, especially when muskie are found in deeper water.  Slow troll live bait or speed it up with lures.  Both techniques work well.

Learn the Figure 8

The figure 8 technique is so important to hooking more muskie.  If you’re going to cast for muskie, you need to learn this technique or you will be missing out on a lot of opportunities.

Learn the Figure 8

Big Suckers are Really Hard to Beat

They are so tough to beat.  A lively sucker is one of the best ways to target big muskie.  If you can slow troll them on the waters you are fishing, this is the best technique to find a big fish.  Learn how to use a quick strike rig so you can release the muskie without any harm to them.  It is easy to gut hook a fish and kill it by fishing this way.

Learn to Jig Deep Water

Jigging is one of the best ways to target big muskie when they are deep and concentrating on structure.  Find the structure and some bait fish and start jigging soft plastics or jigging spoons and you can find a lot of fish this way.


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