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Boca Grande, FL (Charlotte Harbor)  –  Rating 10.0

This is the most famous destination in the world for tarpon.  The tarpon run that goes through here in the spring is unbelievable.  There are so many fish here and so many big tarpon as well.  The only problem with this area is that you can expect to have a ton of boat traffic in this area.  It’s not hard to find the best spots that are holding the huge schools of tarpon because it will be jam-packed with boats during the spring tarpon run.

Florida Keys  –  Rating 10.0

The Florida Keys are known for their amazing fishing and the tarpon fishing is no different.  You can catch good numbers of tarpon here throughout the year and big tarpon are definitely a possibility.  You will also find a ton of fishing charters that are available to help put you on the fish of your dreams.

Captiva & Sanibel Islands (FL)  –  Rating 9.5

This area is known for its amazing snook, trout and goliath grouper fishery, but it’s also a very good tarpon destination too.  The tarpon run through this area as they go up the coast in the spring and then they will come back through this area as the fish migrate down south in the fall.  So many tarpon will move through this area that if you can time it right, you can experience some awesome tarpon fishing here.

Homosassa, FL  –  Rating 9.5

Homosassa, Florida is a sleeper tarpon fishing destination.  This area doesn’t attract the crowds that many other destinations do, but when the tarpon migrate into this area, you can find some awesome spots all to yourself.

Apalachicola, FL  –  Rating 9.5

Apalachicola, Florida is another sleeper tarpon fishing destination.  More people may know about this destination, but this is definitely not a super popular vacation destination compared to Central and South Florida.  Huge numbers of tarpon migrate into this area and there are just enough charters available to help put you onto some awesome fish.

Tampa Bay & its Beaches  –  Rating 9.25

The Tampa Bay area has some resident fish that hang out here, but most anglers don’t get too excited about the smaller resident tarpon.  When tarpon migrate through here in the spring and fall, anglers can experience some excellent fishing if they hit it right.  Big fish migrate through here and you can catch them around the passes, near the Skyway Bridges and even back in the bays.

Golden Isles (GA)  –  Rating 9.0

The mainland city of Brunswick and its four beautiful barrier islands: St. Simons IslandSea Island, Little St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island make up the Golden Isles.  The Golden Isles is located on the Georgia coast midway between Savannah, GA, and Jacksonville, FL.  This area is a popular resort community that offers plenty of outdoor recreation.  Fishing is good for a variety of fish and when the tarpon migrate through this area, the fishing can be very good.  With all of the awesome spots to fish, you can have a lot of fun in this area fishing for tarpon.

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