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Ranking System for Best Destinations by Species of Fish

We use a different ranking system when we are listing the best destinations for each species of fish.  While we do factor in the business services in the area, destinations can rank higher or lower for each species of fish depending on the potential for numbers of fish, trophy fish, fishing guides in the area, etc.

For example, we rank the Jupiter, FL a 9.75 as an overall fishing vacation destination, but when it comes to just snook fishing, it scores a perfect 10.0.

Jupiter, FL  –  Rating 10.0

Located in Southeast Florida, this area is known for its beautiful beaches, warm weather and million dollar homes that are located on Jupiter Island.  Among anglers, it’s also known as one of the top snook fishing destinations in all of Florida.  You can catch good numbers of snook here to go along with some very big snook.  Whether you fish the inlet, bay or backwaters, there is a ton of water here to target snook.

Sebastian  –  Rating 9.75

Located near Vero Beach on the Atlantic Coast, this area has some nice beaches to go along with some awesome fishing.  Inshore, anglers come here for a variety of fish, but the snook fishing definitely stands out during the warmer months, especially from summer through fall.  The Sebastian Inlet is famous for its excellent snook fishing.  You can catch these fish in the inlet or in the Indian River.

Naples  –  Rating 9.75

Located in southwest Florida, Naples is one of the nice beach vacation destinations in all of Florida.  Inshore fishing is very good for many species of fish.  The snook fishing is great with all of the backwaters that are home to miles of mangrove-lined shorelines.

Venice, FL  –  Rating 9.5

Located in southwest Florida, Venice is a nice beach vacation destination. There are plenty of inshore waters here to fish for snook and this area is famous for “Snook Alley” and the awesome dock fishing at night for snook.  The lighted docks provide some of the best snook fishing opportunities in the state.

Sanibel Island  –  Rating 9.5

Located in Southwest Florida, this island is a very popular beach vacation destination.  Snook are a hot commodity in this area.  Snook are often found roaming the beaches, in the passes, in the canals, around the mangroves and the bridges.  They may not always be easy to catch, but if you know what you’re doing, this can be an awesome snook fishing destination.

Marco Island  –  Rating 9.5

Located way down south in southwest Florida, Marco Island is an awesome fishing vacation destination.  With all of the backwaters near Marco Island, there are so many areas that you can go out and target snook.  Fish the docks, mangroves, beaches, canals.  There is so much good-looking snook water to fish here.

Charlotte Harbor  –  Rating 9.25

Located in southwest Florida, this area is famous for its tarpon fishing in the Boca Grande Pass.  This area also has some awesome inshore fishing for so many other species of fish and the snook fishing is also very good.  Fish in the skinny water around the mangroves during tidal changes and you will have a shot at some snook.

Tampa Bay & its Beaches  –  Rating 9.0

Located on the Gulf Coast in Central Florida, The Tampa Bay area has tons of inshore water to fish for so many different species of fish.  South Florida may have some of the best snook fishing in the state, but you can definitely catch some nice snook in the Tampa Bay area throughout the year, especially during the warmer months.  During cold winters, there is usually a snook die-off in the Tampa area, so the fishing can vary based on the year, but the Tampa Bay area has definitely been a solid snook fishery for years.

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