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Ranking System for Best Destinations by Species of Fish

We use a different ranking system when we are listing the best destinations for each species of fish.  While we do factor in the business services in the area, destinations can rank higher or lower for each species of fish depending on the potential for numbers of fish, trophy fish, fishing guides in the area, etc.

For example, we rank Lac Seul a 10.0 as an overall fishing vacation destination, but when it comes to just muskie fishing, it scores a 9.25.

Lake of the Woods (Canada)  –  Rating 10.0

Lake of the Woods is such an awesome fishing destination.  In Canada, you will also find one of the best muskie lakes that you can fish for numbers of fish and big fish.  Whether you fish the Northwest Angle (Minnesota & Canada), Kenora, Sioux Narrows or Morson, you have a lot of options for muskie fishing.

Eagle Lake (Canada)  –  Rating 9.5

Anglers have a good chance to catch a muskie here and big muskie up to and over 50 inches are possible.  Eagle Lake is known as a big fish lake and it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to muskie fishing.

Thousand Islands (NY & Canada)  –  Rating 9.5

Many of the guides report 50 inch fish throughout the season and we have even seen pictures of a 60″ muskie out of this area.  It’s just an awesome destination for big muskie.

Lake St. Clair (MI)   –  Rating 9.25

This is one of the best big fish lakes for muskie in the United States.  Most of the better muskie guides will usually be trolling on Lake St. Clair.  You have to cover some water here to consistently get into the bigger fish.  This lake may be more known for its smallmouth bass to most anglers, but the muskie fishing can be outstanding and big fish are very common here.

Lac Seul (Canada)  –  Rating 9.25

The east side of Lac Seul is an excellent muskie lake with many big fish up to and above 50 inches long.  On the east side of the lake, you rarely ever hear of a muskie sighting so stick to the east side of the lake if you are planning a trip for muskie.

Lake Vermilion (MN)  –  Rating 9.0

It is definitely one of the better muskie fishing lakes in all of Minnesota and if you’re looking for a big muskie and you don’t want to go to Canada, this may be the lake for you.

Leech Lake (MN)  –  Rating 9.0

Leech Lake has turned into a nice muskie lake with a lot of other options too.  Anglers report good catches of muskie with some big fish up to and above 50 inches long.

Mille Lacs Lake (MN)  –  Rating 9.0

If you are looking for muskie, this lake has a good population of them and there are some very big muskie in Mille Lacs with fish up to and above 50 inches long being very possible.

Bemidji, MN Area (MN)  –  Rating 9.0

For muskie anglers, you have a lot of options in the Bemidji area.  Fish in the mid to upper 40 inch range are common with 50 inch fish being possible.

Hayward, WI (WI)  –  Rating 8.75

It’s a great muskie fishing destination, but if you’re looking for big fish, it doesn’t quite measure up to some of the those lakes in Northern Minnesota and Canada.  For those of you that don’t want to make the far drive way up north, this area may be what you’re looking for.  There are several lakes in the area that have muskie with good numbers for action and an occasional big fish too.

The Northwoods of Wisconsin  –  Rating 8.75

The Northwoods of Wisconsin is one of the most popular vacation destinations for fishing in all of the midwest.  For muskie anglers, there are plenty of places that you can fish if you want to catch a muskie and there are some big fish here too, but you won’t see as many 50 inch muskie come from this area as you will from the lakes in northern Minnesota and Canada.  Many of these lakes are considered action lakes where you have a real good shot at catching a fish or two if you know how to fish for muskie.  Some of the popular towns of the Northwoods, WI are: Boulder JunctionEagle RiverMinocquaSt. Germain and Three Lakes.

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