Ranking the Top Fishing Destinations

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This is tough to pull off.  To get a 10, there needs to be a good chance to catch good numbers of fish, have trophy fish available and all the amenities you need for an awesome fishing vacation without being overly crowded and overpriced.





Ranked Less Than 8.

Just because we rank a destination lower than 8 doesn’t mean it isn’t a good destination for fishing.  It just means that there are better destinations.  For example, we ranked Delavan Lake, in southern Wisconsin, a 6.25 and it easily could have been ranked lower if it wasn’t so close to Lake Geneva and all its amenities.  The lake offers some very good fishing and it may be one of the better largemouth bass lakes and pike lakes in southern Wisconsin, however, when you factor in all of the other things we weigh in for our ranking, it just doesn’t measure up to many of the destinations that we feature.  Good fishing, but that is just a part of the whole process.