Best East Coast Fishing Trips (Best Destinations)

Best of the Best out East

Florida Keys  –  Rating 10.0

One of the best fishing destinations in the world.  Many tournaments are held throughout the year for a variety of species.  The backcountry is known for its excellent fishing for bonefish, tarpon, permit and so many other species of fish.  Offshore, the fishing is also outstanding for so many different species of fish.  Plan a trip here and you’ll be wishing you had more time to experience this awesome fishing vacation destination.

Hilton Head Island, SC       –     Rating 10.0

Hilton Head Island is located in the southern part of South Carolina about 20 miles north of Savannah, Georgia.  The island is a very popular vacation destination with 12 miles of beachfront and numerous golf courses.  Hilton Head Island is known more as a golf destination than a fishing destination, but the fishing is excellent here as well. There are numerous fishing charters that operate out of Hilton Head Island and you can catch many different types of fish inshore and offshore.  Inshore, anglers target redfish, sea trout, flounder, sheepshead and a variety of other fish.  Offshore, anglers target mahi mahi, wahoo, kingfish, sharks, cobia, grouper, sea bass, snapper and others.

Lake Champlain (VT & NY)    –     Rating 10.0

Lake Champlain is a huge lake located mostly within the borders of Vermont and New York, but a portion of the lake is also located across the border into Canada.  It is a natural, freshwater lake and it is very popular among boaters and fishermen.  Lake Champlain is 100 miles long and 12 miles across at its widest point.  The maximum depth is about 400 feet. The cool waters provide excellent fishing for salmon, lake trout, rainbow trout, brown trout, perch, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and northern pike.  You can catch a lot of fish here and there are a lot of trophy-sized fish here for multiple species of fish.  It’s an amazing fishing vacation destination.

Outer Banks, NC     –     Rating 10.0

The Outer Banks is a chain of barrier islands located on the Atlantic coast in North Carolina.  This region is a very popular beach vacation destination.  Throughout the Outer Banks, you will find many places to stay, numerous restaurants and recreation activities for the entire family.  Boating, fishing, golf and hanging out at the beach are just some of the things you can do while you are here.  Fishermen have many options to fish the Outer Banks.  Try fishing off one of the piers, in the surf or hire a fishing charter. There are plenty of fishing charters throughout the Outer Banks that fish inshore or offshore for a variety of saltwater fish.

Asheville, NC     –     Rating 9.75

Asheville, North Carolina is a very popular summer vacation destination.  The city is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains at the confluence of the Swannanoa River and the French Broad River.  There are an abundance of things to do from river rafting adventures, hiking on mountain trails, taking in the beautiful scenery and experiencing some excellent fishing.  Fly fishing for trout is very good here in the nearby streams.  There is plenty of water to fish and there are numerous fishing guides that can help you find the local hot spots.

Brunswick Islands     –     Rating 9.75

The Brunswick Islands is a great beach vacation destination with some awesome fishing available too.  This area has plenty to offer for a vacation, but don’t expect to find the crowded beaches like you will find in some of the other popular beach vacation destinations.

Chesapeake Bay     –     Rating 9.75

The Chesapeake Bay Watershed is the largest estuary in North America.  It covers more than 64,000 square miles encompassing parts of six states — Delaware, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.  The bay is a popular tourism destination for fishing, boating, hitting the beaches or just relaxing and taking in the beautiful scenery.  For the fishermen, there are plenty of fishing charters, boat rentals, marinas and places to stay to help make your next fishing trip one to remember.  Some of the popular fish that are caught here are striped bass (rockfish), bluefish, drum, sea trout, flounder, spot, and croaker.

Crystal Coast, NC     –     Rating 9.75

The Crystal Coast is located along North Carolina’s southern outer banks.  This area is known for its pristine beaches, good weather and tons of recreational opportunities.  Whether you fish from shore, inshore or offshore, there are so many species of saltwater fish that you can catch in this area.

Jupiter, FL  –  Rating 9.75

This is one of the better snook fishing destinations in all of Florida and there’s a lot more here than just snook fishing.  Whether you fish inshore, offshore, from the surf or from the pier, there are so many species of fish that you can target here.  This isn’t nearly as crowded as some of the more popular Florida vacation destinations, but there is plenty here to do and less crowds to deal with.  It’s one of the best fishing destinations in the country.

Montauk, NY     –     Rating 9.75

Montauk, New York is located on the most eastern part of Long Island.  This area boasts the largest commercial and recreational fishing fleet in the state of New York.  Montauk is a major tourist destination with 6 state parks and some outstanding saltwater fishing.  The waters off of Montauk are loaded with all types of saltwater fish.  Anglers can catch striped bass, bluefish, tuna, flounder, sea bass, porgies, shark and more.

Ocean City, MD     –     Rating 9.75

Ocean City, Maryland is a resort town on the Atlantic Ocean.  This resort town is known as a very popular vacation destination because of its beaches, entertainment, shopping, dining, fishing and boating.  The fishing charters target striped bass, bluefish, white perch, sea trout, shark, tuna, wahoo and dolphin.

Port St. Lucie, FL  –  Rating 9.75

This area can be awesome for fishing.  From the Indian River to the St Lucie Inlet, the beaches, nearshore and offshore fishing, you have so many options here.  Snook get a lot of the attention here, but there are so many species of fish you can catch here.

Thousand Islands  (NY & Canada)   –     Rating 9.75

The Thousand Islands are a group of over 1,700 islands that straddle the United States – Canada border in the St. Lawrence River.  The Canadian islands are in the province of Ontario and the islands in the United States are located in the state of New York.  This area is a popular vacation destination for fishing, boating and camping.  Fishermen have many different species of fish to target such as northern pike, muskie, smallmouth bass, walleye and others.

Amelia Island, FL     –     Rating 9.5

This is one of the best fishing destinations on the Atlantic Coast of Florida.  The inshore fishery is outstanding, you don’t have to go too far offshore to find fish and you can actually go inland and target largemouth bass too.  There aren’t too many destinations like this in the entire country.  There are plenty of accommodations and amenities in this area to make it an awesome fishing vacation.

Beaufort, SC     –     Rating 9.5

Beaufort, South Carolina was ranked #17 of America’s Top 20 Best Fishing Towns by Field and Stream.  This city is fairly small, but there is plenty to do here to go along with fine restaurants and many hotels to accommodate you.  The fishing is excellent for a variety of fish such as redfish, sea trout, tarpon, ladyfish, flounder, jack crevalle and sheepshead.

Cape Cod, MA     –     Rating 9.5

Cape Cod is an arm-shaped peninsula that shapes the easternmost portion of Massachusetts.   The Cape has 15 distinctive small towns along the beachfront that draws a lot of tourism during the summer months. There is plenty to do here with the arts & culture, quaint shops, fine dining, beaches, golf, boating and fishing.  The striped bass fishing is excellent off of the Cape and there are numerous fishing charters that operate out of the many towns that make up the Cape.  Fishing charters also target bluefish, shark and many other species of fish.

Charleston, SC      –     Rating 9.5

Charleston is a historic city and the largest city of Charleston County.  Situated on the Charleston Harbor fishermen and boaters have easy access to the harbor and offshore charters can head out to the Atlantic Ocean from here.  There are so many species of fish to catch inshore or offshore.  Fishing charters target redfish, sea trout, flounder, jack crevalle, spanish mackerel, spadefish, barracuda, ladyfish, cobia, tarpon, sharks, marlin, sailfish, dolphin, wahoo, tuna and others.  Add freshwater lakes Moultrie & Marion nearby and you have an awesome variety of fishing in one destination.

Sebastian, FL     –     Rating 9.5

Sebastian is an awesome fishing destination.  The Sebastian Inlet gives you a lot of options.  Stay inshore and target the fish that come in and out via the inlet or go offshore and target a variety of fish in the Atlantic Ocean.  Shore anglers do well here also.

Virginia Beach     –     Rating 9.5

Virginia Beach is the most populous city in all of Virginia with more than 430,000 people.  Located on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, this city is known as a very popular resort town with miles of beaches and plenty of hotels, motels and restaurants along the oceanfront.  Because of its easy access to the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay, fishermen can catch a variety of inshore or offshore species in this area.  The fishing charters target striped bass, flounder, tautog, redfish, black drum, cobia, spadefish and more.

Wilmington, NC     –     Rating 9.5

Wilmington, NC & Its Beaches is a wonderful beach vacation destination with some outstanding inshore and offshore fishing.  Whether you are looking to stay in the town of Wilmington or out on the beaches of Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach, you have plenty of options for lodging and recreation.

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