Best Conditions for Muskie Fishing

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Low Light Conditions Are Usually Best

Muskie will feed throughout the day, however, with it being so hard to catch a muskie, you may want to fish during the peak time periods during the morning and evening.  Cloudy days work well too.

Fall is Tough to Beat

Fall is the best time to target muskie and the best time to target a big fish.  You can catch them from spring through fall, but the fall is a special time to fish for muskie.  If you can deal with the colder weather, you will most likely be rewarded.

Overcast Days & a Light Rain Provides Good Fishing All Day

Some clouds and rain can actually provide some excellent fishing opportunities for muskie.  Fish can usually be caught throughout the day, which gives you a better chance to get one of those fish to bite when you run your bait by them.  If you can get a day off of work on an overcast day or a day with an all day light rain, we highly recommend it.


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