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Low Light Conditions Are Best

Walleye are known for feeding heavily at dawn, dusk and at night.  If you want to fish the daylight hours and do well on walleye, the early morning and late evening hours are prime time for walleye fishing.  You can catch plenty of walleye during the day too, especially in murky water, but there is something special about those low light conditions for walleye.  Cloudy and rainy days will also provide low light conditions that will keep the walleye feeding throughout the day.

Spring is a Great Time

As walleye migrate to their spawning sites, the fishing can be fast and furious.  It’s one of the better times of year to catch a big fish.

Fall Can Be Awesome Too

Walleye are known for migrating in the fall as well.  Time it right and you can experience some awesome fishing in the fall.

Night Fishing is Tough to Beat

Night fishing can be tough to beat, especially in the summer and in clear water.


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