Best Conditions for Catching Smallmouth Bass



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When should you fish for smallmouth bass?  Spring through fall provides good fishing. Spring is the best time according to most anglers, however, the summer and fall also provide some opportunities for targeting big smallies.

Spring Time is Hog Time

In the spring, huge smallies move into the shallows and in clear water, you can sight fish 4, 5, 6 or even 7 pound smallies in many of the best smallmouth bass fishing destinations.

Summer is Schooling Time

In the summer, fishing is much tougher unless you know how to find the schools of smallmouth bass in deeper water offshore.  These fish roam like crazy which makes fishing tough, but finding structure near the thermocline is key.  Reefs also hold a lot of fish offshore too.

Fall is Pig Time

In the fall, smallies gorge themselves to get ready for the winter.  It is possible to catch 18″ smallmouth bass that weigh more than 4 pounds in some bodies of water in the fall.  It is kind of crazy to think about, but once you see it, you’ll totally get it.

Overcast Days are Key for Clear Water

Most of the best smallie lakes will have very clear water.  Lowlight conditions make fishing a lot easier and overcast days can provide some awesome fishing days.

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