Best Budget Fishing Trips (Best Destinations)

When planning a budgeted fishing trip, there are several main factors:

If you are driving, then these will be your biggest factors.

  1. Location
    1. How far you plan on driving will dictate how much you spend in gas.  Most of the time, driving is a lot cheaper, especially when you factor in a small group of guys.
  2. Campgrounds & Cabins
    1. Lodging will usually be your biggest expense on a trip.  Find a destination with a campground or modest cabins & cottages and your trip could end up being a lot more reasonable.
  3. Boat Rentals
    1. If you take your own boat, you will save some money, but you may have to do a boat rental.  Some of the best pricing for boat rentals usually comes from the actual resorts, not the separate boat rental companies.

If you are flying, these will be your biggest factors.

  1. Fishing Destinations Near the Least Expensive Airports
    1. There are plenty of airports that offer some very inexpensive airfare.   Find a destination near these airports and your trip gets a lot cheaper.
  2. Car Rentals
    1. If you fly, you will most likely need a car rental.  Compare the travel sites and you can usually find a better deal.
  3. Campgrounds & Cabins
    1. Same as above.  (see 2A)
  4. Taxis
    1. Some people fly into airports, then take a taxi to their destination.  If you don’t need a vehicle at the resort where you are staying, this could save you some money.

Destinations Near Major Airports

Featured Destinations

The majority of our featured destinations will have camping available.  Finding cabins & cottages can be a bit more time-consuming.

The following states will give you the most options for finding an awesome fishing destination with camping, cabins and cottages with reasonable pricing.

In Canada, some of the lakes that will give you the most options for planning a budgeted trip will be:

To view all of our featured destinations, please visit our home page and scroll down to view by state or country.

Tell us what you think.  Feel free to leave a comment about a great destination that we may have overlooked.

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