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asian carp

There are many species of heavy-bodied cyprinid fish collectively known in the U.S. as Asian carp.  These fish have been in the news frequently over the last couple of years because of the fear of them getting into the Great Lakes.  They have been found in the Illinois River, which connects the Mississippi River to Lake Michigan.  Because they reproduce so fast and get so large, they pose a real risk to Great Lakes Ecosystem. To prevent the carp from entering the Great Lakes, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. EPA, the State of Illinois, the International Joint Commission, the Great Lakes Fishery Commission, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are working together to install and maintain a permanent electric barrier between the fish and Lake Michigan.

Fishing for Asian Carp

There are only a very small minority of anglers that fish for asian carp and the ones that do tend to prefer using bowfishing gear or fishing nets instead of a fishing rod and reel.  If you haven’t seen any of the asian carp fishing videos, try a quick search on youtube and you will see what exactly is going on.  It is crazy!  Watch a few videos and you will see carp flying out of the water in the hundreds.  The sound of a boat motor causing them to head to the surface and proceed to jump out of the water.  This is where it gets crazy.  Some anglers catch them with their nets, bow-fishermen shoot them and some boaters are even hit by these fish causing some serious injuries.  These fish have been bad news so far and could create havoc on the Great Lakes ecosystem if we don’t get them under control.  See recent news for asian carp.


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