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Your Business Name will go next to the sponsors and this header will be on top of every page within that section.  Below is an example of Venice, FL.

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Venice, FL | Fishing Tips | Ranking: 10.0 | Member Section
Bait & Tackle | Boat Rentals & Marinas | Fishing Charters | Lodging
Sponsors:  Your Business Name Here | Ad #2 | Ad #3 | Ad #4

How Many Spots Allowed
4 to 5 per section depending on space.  Very long names could get charged for 2 ad spots.

Cost:  $29 / month

Discounted Sections:  Day Trips & Small Town Destinations
These sections are not as big, but still get traffic from potential customers for you.

Cost:  $19 / month

*Get a free featured business listing with the purchase of a header image ad.

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