Header Image Ads

You can grab the header image for a very large image advertisement for your business.  The header image will go on every page within that section helping you gain brand recognition while getting a higher click through percentage than you would get from a text ad.

The header image ads are only available for our featured destinations.

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Best Fishing Trips | Minnesota Fishing

Hackensack, MN | Fishing Tips | Ranking: 9.0 | Member Section
Bait & Tackle | Boat Rentals & Marinas | Fishing Guides | Lodging

How Many Spots Allowed:  1 per section
Cost:  $79 / month

Discounted Sections:  Day Trips & Small Town Destinations
These sections are not as big, but still get traffic from potential customers for you.
Cost:  $35 / month

*Get a free featured business listing with the purchase of a header image ad.

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