Frequently Asked Questions

How Do We Pay

We use monthly billing through Paypal.

NoFollow Paid Ads

We do nofollow the links that go section-wide.  We aren’t trying to trick the search engines with our ads, so if that’s why you’re looking to advertise with us, we are sorry to disappoint you.  The ads with us will help you get more eyeballs on your business.  That is all we can guarantee you with your ads.

We Don’t NoFollow All Ads Though

For the ads that just go on one page such as under the featured listings and the stories, we do not nofollow these links.  Businesses get listed in our sections for free with links on our business pages, so they are getting a link no matter what.  To upgrade to a paid listing, it wouldn’t make any sense to then nofollow their link.  If they are a fishing guide or a resort for that area, a link back to their website is credible and should carry value in the link, just like it would with a Chamber of Commerce.

If you don’t understand how the nofollow works, go a quick Google search to understand why we do this and why Google recommends adding the nofollow to paid links.

Targeted Advertising

Our website is by far the best fishing website and fishing tourism website that is set up for targeted advertising.

For example, you can’t advertise your resort in the Eagle River, WI area if you are actually in St. Germain.  You can’t advertise a crappie fishing destination on a page in our muskie fishing section.  The whole idea is to have ads flow with our content to provide a better user experience.

Ads Have To Be Related To The Section They Are Advertising On

No exceptions.

Other Types of Advertising Methods

Currently, we use Amazon’s affiliate program, our own advertising program and we use Youtube as well.  If you are looking to advertise your business on our website, you will have to do it directly through us.  After trying Google adwords in the infancy of our website, we knew we needed to create a better way to help advertisers get their information to our viewers without ruining the website.  We are not a big fan of those ads or any other ad program that is currently out there today.