About Us


Ultimate Fishing Site is designed and run by Kevin Sewell.  This has been more than a 10 year project and this website is currently the largest fishing tourism website on the Internet with over 300 featured fishing destinations.  We also have an enormous fishing tips section with tips, underwater videos and fishing videos on our “Fishing with Kevin Sewell” Youtube Channel.


About the Lures Kevin Features

smallmouth bass featuredKevin does not accept sponsors from fishing lure companies.  He always wants the option to be able to fish with whatever lure he feels will give him the best chance to catch a fish.



However, lure companies can advertise via “Press Releases” or through a “Premium Ad.”

If you are a manufacturer and you’d like to get your lures featured in the tank, Kevin can help you with that too.  There is no cost.  See below.


Fishing Lure Videos

tank videos home pageKevin does video tape a lot of lures from several different companies.  He sees so many different lures in the tank and this is how he decides what baits he wants to use when he is on the water.  Kevin doesn’t accept any money to feature any lures in the tank or on the water.

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Companies can send Kevin their fishing lures to get underwater video of and he does set them up with their own web page and Youtube videos for no cost.  There is no guarantee that these lures will be used in his fishing videos though, just in the tank.


If you are a fishing lure manufacturer, you can’t become a sponsor, but you can easily get your lures featured in some way on this site.

Contact Kevin for more information.